Monday, March 18

Ministry Calendar & Resources


  • Join us in 2019 for exciting, Black Panther-themed workshops. We'll explore ideas and lessons from the movie Black Panther that will entertain, educate and enlighten you on a range of important personal finance topics.

  • All workshops in 2019 will be held on the 1st Saturday of the month at 11:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted. During the first three sessions, the workshops will end at 1 p.m.

  • Once partner group sessions begin in April, we will end at 2:30 p.m. Please prepare to stay until the end of each workshop once group sessions begin.


Workshop Topics

Homework Assignments

January 12
(2nd Sat.)

Introduction to Prosperity Partners

Are You Ready For An Epic Adventure?
We are taking you to a world where you have super financial strength

In preparation for the February session:

1. Purchase Michelle Singletary's book "The 21 Day Financial Fast: Your Path to Financial Peace and Freedom." You won't start reading until we start the fast later in the year.

February 2

A World Class Sense of Entitlement

Spending Journal

In preparation for the March session:

1. Think about a financial decision that ended up costing you money.

2. Track your spending with a spending journal

3. Write your financial backstory. Go here for a guide to what it might include.

March 2

Net Worth & Budgeting:
What It Means to Be in the Black

Financial Scorecard:
Measuring Your Financial Success

In preparation for the April session:

1. Be sure to get "The 21 Day Financial Fast."

2. Prepare your net worth statement:
Excel Version | PDF Version

3. Do your budget:

April 6

Decision Making & Digging Deep into the Numbers

The 21-day Financial Fast Starts

Break Into Small Partner Groups

In preparation for the May session:

1. Bring your budget and net worth statement for discussion in your group meeting.

2. Pull your credit reports at

3. Get a free credit score at Discover

May 4

The Colonizers Legacy: Slave To Debt

In preparation for the June session:

1. Do your Debt Dash:

2. Bring children 10 and older for session on kids and money. (This includes college-age children)

June 8
(2nd Sat.)

What Do Your Kids Know About Money?

In preparation for the July session:

1. Continue to review and work on your budget.

July 6

Building Multigenerational Wealth Estate Planning

"A man who has not prepared his children for his death has failed as a father."

In preparation for the Sept. session:

1. Nothing. Just have fun and relax in August




September 7

You Health is Connected to Your Wealth

In preparation for the October session:

1. Be ready to review your progress with maintaining your budget.

2. Pull together your retirement account information. Do you know what you’re investing in?

October 12
(2nd Sat.)

Investing In The Future Retirement & College Savings

In preparation for the November session:

1. We are having a regifting party. Bring any UNWRAPPED, NEW gift that you have around your house. Please DO NOT buy anything!

November 2

When Giving Goes Wrong

In preparation for the December session:

1. Write a testimony about what you learned and accomplished in Prosperity Partners in 2019. Email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Submit your nomination for Junior/Senior Partner of the Year (We’ll honor them with a cash gift!).

December 7

Assessing Your Progress

In preparation for Jan. 2020:

1. Register for Prosperity Partners Ministry 2020.