Monday, March 18

Auto Issues

How hard do you work to take home $2000? Does it really matter if you put air in your tires?  Do oil changes really matter, or is that a myth?  Do you know why smart people buy used vehicles rather than new? Would you like to cut your gas bill?  "Auto Issues" will surprise you and, oh yes, it will save you money.

New or Used? What vehicle purchase is right for you?


Is it time to replace your current vehicle? Smart car buyers take their time and shop carefully. Before you head to a dealership showroom, lot, or online start with the following tips and then check out our FoolProof Car Buying Guide.

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How to Sell Your Vehicle Yourself

Dealerships just love it when you trade in your old vehicle. Why? They give you "wholesale" for it or less. Then, they sell it "retail" to another customer. Even if they sell it to an auction or wholesale broker, they still make money on it. Selling trade-in vehicles is an important profit center for most dealerships.

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Take Five Steps to Save BEFORE You Shop for a New Vehicle


Yes, you read that headline correctly. If you are thinking of buying a new or used vehicle and you want to save money, I recommend first taking five steps before you even think of heading to a dealership showroom or website to shop. When many of us feel that first itch for a new vehicle, we think first about dropping by a dealership to browse—look at a few models, lift a few hoods, check out a few prices. Not a great idea—dealerships love to see innocent browsers pull on to the lot. Or maybe, you just like to cruise the local dealership websites. That's a better idea, but still not one designed to save you money or to really help you find the right car for you and your family. Instead, when that itch strikes, stop and take these five steps. Your wallet will thank you.

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Getting the Longest Service Out of Your Vehicle Saves $$$

washing_car.jpgMany people are keeping their cars longer. According to a recent report by the research company R. L. Polk & Co., the median age of operational passenger cars and light trucks in 2015 was 11.5 years. Take good care of your car or truck and it will give you many years of service. Extra service years can save you money long-term. Here's how to stretch the good life for your wheels.

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Money-Saving Tips to Lower Your Auto and Gas Costs

fueling_car.jpgGasoline prices typically fluctuate depending on the season, for example, going up when more people are traveling in the summer. Even a few extra cents a gallon can quickly add up to lots of dollars. But, with some attention to the following tips, you can keep costs to operating your vehicle as low as possible.

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