Monday, March 18

Financial Well-being

Want to improve your credit score? Want to cut your tax bills?  Like to tear up hundred dollar bills? (You're probably doing that). How about this:  want to wake up retired and without money?  Your Financial Well-being rules your life.  We put you in charge of the rules.


Avoiding "Loan" Schemes and Other "Services" Risky to Your Financial Well-being


There are many schemes and scams that aim to make a buck on people who may be feeling pressure financially and who are unwary. We have seen dozens of ads and email solicitations for "opportunities" that could wreck an already stressed budget. So this report details 1) some schemes and scams to avoid always and 2) some services that may be helpful in certain circumstances but that you must choose wisely how to use.

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Saving on Health Care Costs


Health care costs can take a bite out of your wallet. Are you one of the many consumers who are concerned about health care costs? This report looks at various ways to help you save on health care costs.

Health Care Savings Programs

There are various programs established by Congress that can help you save money on health care costs. The following types of plans utilize either pre-tax or tax free dollars to pay for health care.

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Getting the Most for Your Vacation and Travel Dollars


Need a vacation or planning a trip for the holidays but the budget is tight? Then consider all the ways you can save money and still enjoy getting away. This report discusses ways to get the most for your travel dollars.

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Thinking of Donating Your Used Vehicle to Charity?

altDozens of radio and TV ads from many different charities are currently flooding the airwaves suggesting that you donate your used car or boat. Are you considering it? If so, then you need to know how the 2005 changes in IRS rules might affect the tax deductibility of your gift. You also need to know how to check out the charity you're considering. This report will help you do these things wisely. Planning to donate to a charity but not necessarily a vehicle? You'll want to read this report too. I'm going to start with the most important thing—how to check out the charity so that you know your dollars will go where you want them to. Then, I'll share the technical details about vehicle donation.

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Check, Credit Card or Debit Card? Choosing a Payment Method for Security and Convenience

secure_creditHow do you pay for everyday purchases or bills? Cash? Check? Credit Card? Debit Card? If you are like most people, you use a combination of these methods—and more. The growth of electronic banking has encouraged many people to move more and more from paper (cash, checks) to plastic (credit cards, debit cards). All these payment methods have roles to play in personal financial management today.

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