Monday, March 18

Home Buying Guide

Written by Remar Sutton
Consumer Advocate



Home_HomepageA home! You already know that buying one is a huge decision, whether it’s your first purchase or your tenth. And it is a pretty exciting decision, too, isn’t it?

Well, here’s the catch: The decision to buy is a lot easier than the actual process of buying. If you don’t know what you’re doing—and if you don’t stay in control of the process, even if you’re using the best real estate agent—your money and your sanity could be at risk.

And here’s the problem: You won’t know you’ve wasted your money, or made the wrong decisions until after you’ve bought the place! Loss of sanity can follow shortly thereafter.

FoolProof doesn’t want you to be stressed like that! That’s why we’ve developed this guide just for you. Spend some time here, and you’ll be a very smart cookie when it comes to finding the right home.

Here’s why the guide works: We’re not trying to sell you something. We’re trying to educate you! Tell you answers some people don’t want you to know. Get you to think about things you might not think about.

Everybody is trying to sell you something, when it comes to a home. We give you unbiased information that makes you smart. Isn’t that what you need?

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