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October 2017

September 2017

How to Avoid Scams & Fake Charities In Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey
Read this before you consider donating or contract for repairs.

10 Cleaning Myths and What to Do Instead
Check out these tips from Consumer Reports to clean around your house more effectively.

10 Things You Can Do to Avoid Fraud
These tipsĀ  from the FTC can help you avoid being taken by crooks.

8 Ways to Prevent Smartphone Data Breaches
Protect your information on your smartphone with these tips from

August 2017

Avoid international travel document scams
These tips from the FTC will help you avoid copycat sites when looking for information about international travel, visas and passports.

How to Keep a Roomba Vacuum Cleaner From Collecting Data About Your Home
If you have a Wi-Fi-connected Roomba, you should read this article from Consumer Reports.

Online Tools Help You Save Energy and Money
Looking to save money and energy at home and one the road? These tools and calculators from can help.

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Airline Rights When Flying?
How well do you know your rights when flying? Find out by taking this quiz from

July 2017

What's Your "Social"?
When should you provide your social security number? When should you refuse? This article from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse can help you answer these questions.

Avoid Skimmers at the Pump
Skimmers are getting smaller and harder to find. Here are some tips from the FTC to help you skimmers at the gas pump.

What You Don't Know About Homeowners Insurance Could Cost You
Check out these tips from Consumer Reports to make sure you are getting the best protection at the right price.

12 Dangerous Area Codes You Never Want to Dial
Dialing the area codes listed in this article from can be costly.

June 2017

69 Valuable Things You Can Get for Free
Check out this list of quality goods and services from

How fast will identity thieves use stolen info?
To answer this question, the FTC reports on research they did to find out.

Privacy 101
Check out these tips to protect your privacy from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

Spring and Summer Energy-Saving Tips
Check out these free or inexpensive tips to help you save energy and money.