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February 2016

3 Common Misconceptions and 1 Important Truth About Privacy Policies
This article from the Consumerist explains what privacy policies actually are and do.

Tax Tips for Energy Savers: Get Money Back for Greening Your Home
Read about the updated and extended 2015/2016 tax credits you can receive if you make any qualified updates to your home.

Is Your Baby Monitor Secure?
Check out these tips for securing Wi-Fi baby monitors and other "smart" devices in your home.

Privacy and Information Sharing
This report from the Pew Research Center looks into when people and why disclose personal information.

January 2016

A New Calculator Helps You Decide When To File For Social Security
This Consumer Reports article describes various calculators that can help you decide when you should file for Social Security benefits.

BBB Scam Tracker
Use the Scam Tracker to search for information about scams in your area and to report scams.

Six Tips for a Strong Financial New Year
These tips from can help you improve your financial well-being. Each tip provides links to additional resources.

Protect Your Smart Device
These tips from the Federal Communications Commission will help you protect your device and the sensitive data on it.

November 2015

Estimating Appliance and Home Electronic Energy Use
The appliance and energy use calculator from can help you save money by estimating how much various appliances cost to run.

Should You Buy Refurbished Electronics?
These tips can help you save money by buying refurbished electronics.

Protecting Your Child's Information After A Data Breach
Here are tips to help you protect your child's personal information from identity theft.

Keeping Your Children Safe While They're Online
These tips from the Privacy Rights Clearing House will help you help your children be safe online.

October 2015

Avoid Medical Bill Sticker Shock
Check out this Consumer Reports article for tips on avoiding seven costly medical bill surprises.

Know Before You Owe: Making the mortgage process easier for you
In the market for a mortgage? Read about the new disclosure rules that take effect on Oct 3. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Know Before You Owe section has sample forms, tools, and resources to help you through the mortgage process.

3 Ways You Can Help Protect Against Elder Scams
Here are 3 tips that can help combat elder scams.

Fall and Winter Energy-Saving Tips
These no and low-cost tips can help you save energy and money during the fall and winter.

September 2015

Back to school, back to protecting your child's information
These tips from the FTC offer reminders of how to protect your children's personal information online and offline.

5 Back to School Privacy Tips for Parents of K-12 Students
These tips from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse will help you protect your student's personal information at school.

At the ATM: 10 Ways to Minimize Fee and Maximize Security
These tips from the FDIC can help you keep more of your money.

Why you might want to change one Windows 10 setting
This Op-Ed from Digital Journal describes how to turn off a setting that lets Microsoft use your computer to deliver updates to other computers.