Monday, January 21

November 2014

Can cutting the cable cord really save you money?
This article from Consumer Reports describes why cutting the cord might not save you money.

Be smart about your phone
Our smartphones are loaded with data about ourselves. These tips will help you keep that information safe.

5 Things Consumers Should Know About Dangerous Products
Do you pay attention to product recall announcements? If not, here's why you should.

Is Your Identity at Risk?
Take this quiz to see how well you are protecting your identity.

October 2014

Know My App
Before you download an app, check out how it uses data on this site from the CTIA.

Data Brokers and Your Privacy
Who are these companies? What do they collect? What do they do with that information? This fact sheet from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse provides answers to these questions and more.

Getting Your Money Back
If you aren't satisfied with a product or service, here are tips from the FTC to help you get your money back.

Cozy Up to Colder Weather: 5 Ways and 5 More Ways to Prepare You Home for Fall and Winter
These 2 articles from can help you save money preparing your home for winter.

September 2014

8 Facebook Privacy Setting You Need to Check Now
How often do you check your privacy settings? This article explains why you should check these now.

Will you be able to help your college-age child in a medical emergency?
This article describes the forms you should have so that you can help you legal-age child in a medical emergency.

Can you spot a government imposter?
Check out these tips for spotting a government imposter scam.

Virtual currencies and what you should know about them
If you are considering using Bitcoin or other virtual currency, read this first.

August 2014

Energy Saver: Tips on Saving Money and Energy at Home
This updated guide from the US Department of Energy has updated statistics and recommendations for saving energy at home and on the road.

The truth about product registration cards
Do you think that you have to return that registration card in order for the warranty to be valid? Read this article before you fill out one.

How to say scram to crammed charges on your mobile bill
Do you review your mobile phone bill regularly? This article tells why you should.

Be TireWise!
This site from provides tips on buying and maintaining the tires for your vehicles.

July 2014

14 ways to make your home more secure
These tips can help you make you home more secure without spending lots of money.

10 things all-inclusive vacations won't tell you
Check out these tips before you shop for your next vacation.

Energy Saver 101: Everything You Need to Know About Home Cooling
This infographic provides tips and describes various ways to save on cooling your home.

Mystery Phone Charges
Have you checked your phone bill lately? This article describes why you should always review it.