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A 21-Day Financial Fast Will Improve Your Money Management

I'm inviting you to take a 21-day financial fast in which you will buy only necessities. The fast is really about curbing the need to consume. It doesn't matter whether you're a good steward or a spendthrift; all of us consume more than we need.

This fast is for you if you're at your financial wit's end. This fast is for you if the stress of money is causing pain in your relationship with your spouse, friends or family. It's for you if you're worried about your retirement portfolio or saving enough to send your children to college.

It's for you if you're not sure whether you'll have enough money to carry you through a long, prosperous retirement. If you have more month than money, this fast is designed just for you.

Whatever your financial situation, I challenge you to spend the next 21 days fasting. The path to prosperity begins by breaking the yoke to buy and buy and then buy some more. Read more...

Take the Challenge

For 21 days you have to abstain from all unnecessary spending. That means no take-out (and no letting someone pick up the tab for you). You can't use credit. No online shopping either. And, most certainly, no morning or late afternoon run for your specialty coffee.

Fast with a Family Member or Friend

Don't go it alone. Get an accountability partner. Get a group together or make it a family affair, a ministry project or an office challenge. If you are teaching students about money, get them to do the fast and then do a report about their progress.

Tell Michelle about your financial fast experience. Email her at colorofmoney [at]

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